Drink One: February 2018 - Clover of Love

“A different take on the classic Clover Club cocktail,” says Aaron.

“Substituting dry vermouth with our own specially made limoncello  (made here in the Northern Whig using Glendalough poitin as the base) adding a lemon tart flavour, stacking on extra brightness to an already refreshing drink  ”

Bartender: Aaron Mc Adams


About the bartender
Aaron’s career in the bar trade was kick-started a decade ago, when he began working at Scratch in The Taphouse (later renamed The Fly and most recently the Playwright Bar and Time Nightclub) while at university in Belfast. There for six years, “it was a very high-volume cocktail bar,” he says. “We were making hundreds a week, or even a night, so I very quickly got to know the equations of how cocktails go together.” About three and a half years ago, Aaron moved over to The Northern Whig, then under the same ownership but subsequently taken over by the Horatio Group. “I learnt an encyclopaedia of knowledge with regards to drinks from Ian McCandless, one of the supervisors, and shadowed him for a while,” he says. “Over the last year or so, I’ve been taking a more active role in the cocktail and drinks lists. I really enjoy being behind the bar serving customers, and meeting all the different people that come in and ask for different things every time. I have the freedom to work with all the stock we have, and they allow me to experiment and just come up with different things or if I’ll see something on the Internet or in books and try it the next time I’m working.”


Copeland Limited Edition Spiced Apple & Blackcurrant
The featured spirit in this month’s signature serve is.

Clover of Love
40ml Copeland Gin
10ml housemade poitin limoncello
15ml fresh lemon juice
15ml gomme
2 raspberries
Dash of rhubarb bitters
1 egg white

Served in coupe glass
Garnished with lemon, mint & raspberry